CoinFlipper® is the perfect tool to run real-time simultaneous A/B tests for up to 10 test landing pages at a time.

It's quick and easy to set up, it has powerful real-time reporting and it's FREE.

Test Up to 10 Landing Pages!

  • Totally FREE
  • Set up a test in minutes
  • Test up to 10 landing pages at once
  • Add & Delete landing pages
  • Unlimited # of Tests and Sessions
  • Online Support
  • Track Sessions & Conversions
  • Vary Traffic By Test Pages

It's Simple and FREE

  • Step 1: Free Sign Up
  • Step 2: Select test URL to optimize
  • Step 3: Select landing pages to test
  • Step 4: Set % traffic going to each page
  • Step 5: Insert 1 line of code in test page
  • Step 6: Insert IFrame in conversion page
  • Step 7: View and analyze result
  • Step 8: Wash, rinse, repeat

Totally Free!
You can setup and test up to 10 versions in minutes. It's that simple.
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Live Reporting
CoinFlipper® offers live reporting and easy to understand reports that allow you to track sessions and conversions all at once.
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