New Exchange: KuCoin
Posted on January 2nd, 2018
Ku Coin is one of the best exchanges to come out since Binance, thanks to its easy to use UI, select altcoin offerings, and incentive programs. You'll find altcoins on this exchange that most others simply don't have listed, so if cryptocurrency trading is your thing, you'll definitely want to create an account.
Ku Coin is dead serious about being a major force in the exchange world. They want growth and they want it fast; to facilitate this they're offering dividends in the form of trading fees to their investors. 50% of the entire trading fee revenue on the Kucoin platform will be shared daily with those holding KCS on their exchange. This is a two-fold investment with ridiculous growth potential as a result, you buy KCS, the exchange grows, your KCS rises in price, and the amount of dividends you are generating grows with it.

To make the deal even better, they have a pretty nice referral program that allows you to invite others to sign up using your special code/link. This allows you to earn a percetange of each transaction fee from those you have referred.
Just a couple months ago, KCS was valued at around $1 and has since jumped up to over $6 at the time of this post. Aside from that, all of the coins they have listed on their exchange have done pretty well also. It's worth noting though that like Binance, this exchange only allows cryptocurrency trades, so you cannot trade directly with fiat such as USD; you'll need to already have some cryptocurrency to get started here.
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