State Of Crypto Q1 2018 Review
Posted on April 22nd, 2018
We're back! Not that we ever left.. we've been putting all of our efforts on navigating our students through this latest bear market. Tons of money has been made through shorting on Bitmex! Did you make it out unscathed? Let us know how your portfolio handled Q1 in the comments.
20k To 5k BTC 'Crash'
If you read our blog on how we turned 10k into 100k, you can see how easily we turned a couple trades into six figures. However, if you didn't know when to exit or tether up, your 100k likely turned back to 10k and below rather quickly in Q1.

Why'd this happen?
Easy. It always happens.

Look at the historical charts for Bitcoin going back to 2014. Now this doesn't mean old charts will always determine the future, because it won't, but it is important to know your market seasons. Between the Chinese New Year, tax season in the US, and the nature of market corrections, there were plenty of indicators for experienced traders to know when and how to take advantage.

Those who took the biggest hit were the 'hodlers'. Not that it's a bad thing.. if you don't want to deal with the stresses of trading. The crypto market is still booming and all of those losses will soon be recovered and then some. However if you're looking for crazy, life-changing profits, you can find great opportunities even in a bearish market with a little smart trading.
What's Next?
GAINS. Our students are already locking in their positions for a crazy Q2-Q3. In the past we've restricted a lot of our content to focus on our students, but with some additional help, we're now commiting to more free content on a regular basis. Expect regular blog posts, videos to your youtube channel, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, newsletters, and more.

However if you're looking to have your hand held on what to trade, when to trade, and why to trade.. you'll still need to enroll! Now that our first wave of enrollments are coming to a close, we're opening open some slots for new students so make sure you enroll before space fills up.

Who wants to be a millionaire? :)
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