Using Tether To Realize Profits
Posted on January 16th, 2018
Think of tether as the digital equivalent of fiat currency. There are a few tether/currency pairs, such as USDT, that act as stand-ins for actual fiat on exchanges. 1 USDT will always = $1 USD.
What This Means For You
Lets look at some recent real-world examples for how you could take advantage of tether. 
Lets rewind time and go back to December - January 2017 when we turned $10,000 into $100,000 by purchasing FUN at $0.02 and holding until it reached $0.20 for a 10x gain. This is a great time to realize some of our profits and eliminate the risk of losing those gains if the value of FUN or BTC (or both) drop!

On Binance however, like many exchanges, I can't turn my bitcoin into cold hard cash; I'd have to transfer off of the exchange, get charged a withdrawl fee, wait for my bitcoin to confirm in my Coinbase wallet (or fiat exchange of your choice), and then finally sell my bitcoin for cash.

This is where tether comes into play. On Binance, there are currently 6 trading pairs with USDT. Instead of the above scenario, I can simply trade my FUN for BTC or ETH, and then trade my BTC or ETH for USDT instantly right on the exchange, without having to send my funds anywhere.
Now I can sit on $100,000 USDT, and if the price of FUN or BTC falls, at the end of the day I'll still have my $100,000. As of this posting, FUN is currently sitting at $0.08, down from its high of $0.20 and BTC is down to under $12,000 from $15,000 earlier this month. This would be a perfect time for me to trade my 100,000 USDT for bitcoin (which would buy me more bitcoin than if I had just left everything in bitcoin originally), which I can then use to buy back into FUN at this lower price.

If I had not used tether, and left all of my profits in FUN or BTC, my portfolio value would be down to about $45,000 today instead of $100,000.

The key takeaway here is... once you're happy with the profit you've made, convert some of it to tether! That way you lock in those profits and set yourself up into a nice position to buy back in on a dip.
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